Perfect Season – Perfect Players

Die Vikings Ladies beendeten die Saison 2015 mit dem 13. Meistertitel in Folge und belohnten sich damit und mit einer Perfect Season selbst. Trotz vieler Ausfälle und daraus resultierendem Personalmangel kämpfen die Vikings Ladies bis zum Ende und das ganze Team zeigte grandiose Leistungen. Für Headcoach Cameron Frickey gab es drei Spielerinnen, die in diesem Jahr besonderes geleistet haben und er ließ es sich auch nicht nehmen, jeweils ein paar Worte zu sagen. Wir gratulieren und freuen uns schon auf die nächsten Spiele unserer Vikings Ladies.

Vienna Vikings Ladies MVPs:
MVP Offense
Cornelia Pripfl, QB


“Cornelia has turned herself into a great dual threat QB. She has always been able to beat teams with her running ability, but now she can also dominate with her ability to throw the ball, too. Conny has turned into a great leader on the team and was selected as a team capitain this season.”

MVP Defense
Martina Beisteiner, DB

“Martina is the QB of the defense. She is like having a coach on the field. Besides all of her big hits, interceptions and defensive TD, what makes her so special is how smart she is. She is always helping  get people lined up in the defense and seems to know what plays are coming before the ball is even snapped.”

Rookie Of The Year 2015: Katrin Hartai


“Katrin came to us from Germany. She is living in Vienna to study and contacted us to ask if she could continue playing football with us while she is living here. She brought with her a great, hard working attitude and proved quickly that she deserved to be on the field on gameday. Karin ended up starting as a wide receiver and outside linebacker. She played great  both positions for us.”

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