Welcome back Vikings fans! This week’s “Aanna Asks” features the Dacia Vikings U15 quarterback and wide receiver, Fabian Eder.
Fabian has been playing football for the past 10 years and still enjoys every minute of it. The quarterback’s favorite thing about the Academy is having the “game day feeling” and getting ready for the upcoming season. “I love the feeling of getting ready for a game. There is nothing in the world that feels as good as taking the field when you are about to play. It is something that never goes away.”

Fabian and Aanna after the interview in the Dacia Vikings Office.

Fabian’s favorite thing to do is be on the football field with his teammates. When he is not on the field, Fabian enjoys being with friends or playing playstation. When asked about his favorite football team, he said, “The Dacia Vikings are obviously my favorite team, but if I could see any team play, I would want to go to a Seahawks game.” Fabian enjoys watching other teams play football and learning more about the sport.

The Vikings community is grateful to have so many athletes who show up each day ready to give their best. Fabian believes the most important part of the Vikings are the people. “Being a Viking is like having another family. Everyone is there for you when you need them. The hard work and love that goes into this team is something no other team has. It is really incredible.” The Vikings are proud to have Fabian as a part of their community and wish him the best of luck next season.

Fabian starts to play football in 2008; 2011 he joined the Dacia Vienna Vikings. 2019 is his second year in the Dacia Vikings Football Academy, attending class 6L in the Ballsportgymnasium Wien. Fabian played three times in the prestigious Next Generation Bowl and on the U15 Austrian Championship once.
Photo (c) Armin Plank

The youth football season in Austria usually starts in September while a couple of test games are already scheduled. The upcoming Young Vikings game days are May 30 (against the Danube Dragons youth teams) and June 10 at the Footballzentrum Ravelin (vs. the Swarco Raiders youth teams). Make sure you come and check out the #YoungVikings in their upcoming games! #BleedPurple

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