Hello Vamily, my name is Aanna Roslien and I am working with the Vikings media and marketing department this season. I will be doing a segment called #AannaAsks where I will feature football and cheer athletes of the Dacia Vienna Vikings Football & Cheer Academy in order for fans to get to know them better. My first ever segment features Vikings athlete, Lucky Ogbevoen.

Intern Aanna Roslien and LB Lucky Ogbevoen had a chat about football, family and future plans at the Vikings office. (c) Dacia Vikings

Lucky has been a part of the Vikings for the past 7 years. The linebacker was eager to talk about the upcoming 2019 season and shared his reactions after playing in the first two games, “This season so far has been up and down. We had a strong win against the Prague Black Panthers and then a tough loss against the Swarco Raiders last week.” Despite the loss, Lucky is excited to keep improving as a team and knows what needs to be worked on in order for the team to get better. “As a team, we need to focus on bouncing back and work on any communication issues we have.”

2018 was Lucky’s debut season in the AFL. This season the Vikings linebacker is a defense starter. (c) Peter Kramberger

This is Ogbevoen’s second year as a starter for the Vikings. He has many personal goals and expectations for himself this season including winning the Austrian Bowl, and winning the prestigious Rookie of Year award. Lucky joined the Vikings Football Academy in 2012. He gave advice to future Academy athletes, “When someone wants to join the Vikings, I would tell them to be themselves, work hard, and always bring your best self.” Lucky has already had a tremendous season on the field so far. Football is in his blood because his brother, Precious, who played for the Vikings a few years ago and is now attending the New Mexico Military Institute as a student athlete. Ogbevoen shared that he gets compared to his brother a lot which is both an honor but also adds pressure. “My brother was a great player and I want to follow in his footsteps.” Not only did Lucky have a brother who’s been in the AFL, but he believes the Vikings community is what helped shaped him into the athlete and person he is today. Lucky shared his favorite part about the process which was evolving as a player and getting prepared for college. With an offer from Penn State, Lucky hopes to prove himself on the field this season. He shared that the Vikings are like a family to him. He feels as the president, Karl Wurm, and the coaches will always be there to support him and listen when needed.

Watch out for Mai 2019 – Lucky and his Defense teammates will star in the Dacia TV commercial. (c) Dacia Österreich

Lucky is always getting ready for the next game. On Sunday April 7, the Vikings will play the Amstetten Thunder. Lucky and the rest of the team are excited for this weekend’s competition. “The Thunder is going to bring a strong team. We want to set a statement for the league even though this is only week three. We are improving and getting better each week and I hope it shows in the game this weekend.” Lucky holds a special place in the Vikings community. He plans to attend college with hopes to study biology or chemistry after the 2019 Viking season. Good luck to Lucky and the rest of the Vikings this year!
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