Hello again Vamily, this weeks “Aanna Asks” features Dacia Vienna Vikings offensive line, #50 Max Müllner. Max has been playing for the Vikings the past 9 years and has been anxiously waiting for the 2019 season.

The first game of the season was tough, but the Vikings were able to come away with a win. After falling to the Raiders in week two, the team was able to dominate against the Thunder and had an impressive ECTC game vs. the Razorbacks.I was excited to get this season started. It has been up and down, but we have continued getting better each week.”

To prepare for a game, Max shared that he does not do anything specific in order to get ready. He relies on the practices during the week to help him get ready for the upcoming game. Max believes he and the team are good at improving at things that need to be worked on and then implementing them when the game comes. When taking the field, Max thinks it’s so rewarding to hear the crowd yelling and have the high energy. He loves playing games in Hohe Warte Stadium and being able to see all of the purple and yellow in the stands. “It is a pleasure to play in front of such a big crowd. I get nervous when the game starts, but after the first play, I start to feel more relaxed.”

Müllner has several favorite things about being a Viking, but the most important to him is growing as a person with the support from his teammates. The Vikings community holds a special place in Max’s heart and it will be hard for him to leave. However, the senior is excited to see what’s in store for him after graduation. “All of my life, I grew up wanting to play in the NFL, just like every other young kid. Now that I am a senior at the VFA, I think my options have changed. I would love to try and play football internationally and continue to play the game I love.” The Vikings are back in action on Easter Monday April 22 against the Projekt Spielberg Graz Giants. You can watch Max and the Vikings taking the Giants live on ORF Sport +.

Hope to see you there. Go Vikings!
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