I am back with the next “Aanna Asks” featuring Pepi Schreyer. Pepi has been playing football for 6 years and has been with the Vikings for the past 2 years. The reason Pepi chose football is because of his step-brother who used to play for the Vikings. Pepi is now playing as a Defensive Lineman – wearing the #71 – in the Dacia Vikings U18.

Pepi Schreyer talked with Aanna about school, football, and the Vikings.

Pepi shared that he looks up to him as a player and that is what got him hooked on football. On the football field, Pepi has a leadership role. He likes to challenge himself to make his team better. He and his teammates set goals for themselves in order to keep improving, “Every season we have a goal of getting to the championship and winning.” When taking the field on gameday, the lineman usually listens to rap music to get himself pumped up. Once the first ball is snapped, the nerves subside and Pepi is in the zone.

Pepi is also coaching the U11 Vikings. (c) privat

The Vikings Academy has helped Pepi grow into the student and athlete he is today. During his time at the Academy, he has grown to love the family atmosphere, “I have so many memories from the Academy and have made so many lifelong friends.” Pepi is a team player and brings several positive attributes to the field. The Vikings community is excited to see what Pepi can do in the future. As always, go Vikings!
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Bringing energy to the sideline – DL #71 Pepi Schreyer. (c) privat
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