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Charity Bowl XXI – Der Vikings Gameday voller Aktionen & Attraktionen

Bild (c) Photo Kratky

Abgesehen vom AFL-Spitzenspiel Dacia Vienna Vikings versus Swarco Raiders Tyrol warten am Samstag 1.6. im Stadion Hohe Warte eine Fülle an Aktionen und Attraktionen auf die Besucher der Charity Bowl XXI presented by OSP22.

Die Tore sind für das Publikum ab 13 Uhr geöffnet, und wir wünschen bereits jetzt einen aufregenden und abwechslungsreichen Dacia Vikings Gameday! Tickets für dieses AFL Game Of The Week gibt es an der Tageskassa bzw. vergünstigt auch im Vorverkauf auf –>

Einige Gameday-Highlights haben wir für euch im Überblick in einem Album zusammengefasst:

“Aanna Asks” featuring Pepi Schreyer

DL #71 Pepi Schreyer. Foto (c) Hannes Jirgal

I am back with the next “Aanna Asks” featuring Pepi Schreyer. Pepi has been playing football for 6 years and has been with the Vikings for the past 2 years. The reason Pepi chose football is because of his step-brother who used to play for the Vikings. Pepi is now playing as a Defensive Lineman – wearing the #71 – in the Dacia Vikings U18.

Pepi Schreyer talked with Aanna about school, football, and the Vikings.

Pepi shared that he looks up to him as a player and that is what got him hooked on football. On the football field, Pepi has a leadership role. He likes to challenge himself to make his team better. He and his teammates set goals for themselves in order to keep improving, “Every season we have a goal of getting to the championship and winning.” When taking the field on gameday, the lineman usually listens to rap music to get himself pumped up. Once the first ball is snapped, the nerves subside and Pepi is in the zone.

Pepi is also coaching the U11 Vikings. (c) privat

The Vikings Academy has helped Pepi grow into the student and athlete he is today. During his time at the Academy, he has grown to love the family atmosphere, “I have so many memories from the Academy and have made so many lifelong friends.” Pepi is a team player and brings several positive attributes to the field. The Vikings community is excited to see what Pepi can do in the future. As always, go Vikings!
Until next time,

Bringing energy to the sideline – DL #71 Pepi Schreyer. (c) privat

Die Vienna Classics 2019 nähern sich in Riesenschritten

Während die Kampfmannschaft der Dacia Vikings gegen die SonicWall Rangers im Stadium Mödling in der AFL zu Gange sein werden, sind sämtliche Dacia Vikings Cheerleader und Cheerdance-Teams ebenfalls am Samstag im Großeinsatz.

Die Vienna Classics 2019 gehen im Hallmann Dome im zehnten Wiener Gemeindebezirk über die Bühne. „Es wird ein tolles Cheer-Event mit viel Internationaler Beteiligung. Wir fiebern dutzenden Auftritten entgegen und hoffen natürlich, ähnlich erfolgreich abzuschneiden wie bei den Vienna Classics im Vorjahr oder bei den Österreichischen Meisterschaften im März“, freut sich Victoria Zachhuber von der Vikings Cheer Sektion, die nun mit ihrem Team in den letzten Tagen vor dem Wettkampf organisatorisch auf Hochtouren läuft.
Wir wünschen allen unseren Cheer und Cheerdance Teams bereits jetzt eine erfolgreiche Competition und einen fantastischen Wettkampftag.

–> Karten und Infos zu den Classics 2019 gibt es auf

Auch heuer haben sich Sarah und Sabrina, Vikings Allstars und Cheer-Coaches, neue Moves für die Vikings Cheer DANCE CHALLENGE einfallen lassen. Hier gibts die Choreography zum Üben, damit ihr sie bei eurem Besuch bei den Classics mittanzen könnt. Viel Spaß!

“Aanna Asks” featuring Moriz Elmauthaler

(c) Hannes Jirgal

Hello again Vikings Fans!
This week’s “Aanna Asks” segment features linebacker, Moriz Elmauthaler. Moriz has been part of the Vikings Academy for 8 seasons. When asked about his favorite part, he shared that he thinks of his teammates and coaches as a second family.

Dacia Vikings intern Aanna Roslien sat down with Moriz at the Vikings office to talk about football, life and personal developments. (c) Vikings

This is what helps motivate Moriz both on and off the field. This season, Moriz who wears #42 on the field set personal goals for himself which included getting better everyday, and giving his best each game. “Along with those, I have a personal goal of starting in a specific unit on the defense.” As the season continues, Moriz and his team are ready for the challenges that lie ahead. He believes in order for the team to keep improving, they need to continue focusing each practice and listening to the coaches.

Moriz is currently starring in the new DACIA TV-commercial along his fellow teammates. (c) Dacia Österreich

When Moriz is not on the football field, he enjoys watching the Steelers play. He fell in love with the Steelers because of his brother. Football is in Moriz’s family blood. His dad used to play for the Vikings as a defensive lineman and took Moriz to the championships a few years ago. The linebacker has learned a lot over the years and shared, “The Dacia Vikings Football Academy has taught me how to improve as a player and never give up.” Moriz loves everything about being a part of the Vikings family and is excited to see what else is in store this season. Moriz and the rest of the Dacia Vikings play the Prague Black Panthers on Sunday May 19 – Kickoff is at 3 pm.

Go Vikings!
Until next time,

PS: Don’t miss the next Dacia Vikings home game versus the Swarco Raiders on June 1st which is also the Charity Bowl XXI!

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“Aanna Asks” featuring Nicolas Galanos

I am back again, Vikings Fans! This week’s “Aanna Asks” features offensive lineman, Nicolas Galanos. Nicolas has been playing football for the past 9 years.
He chose football because he has been around football forever. “I played several sports growing up, but eventually I fell in love with football and that is what I wanted to continue.” Galanos has been a popular name in the Vikings community in the past, Nicolas’s dad and both uncles played for the Vikings years ago. “My last name is very popular with the Vikings, but I do not think it adds extra pressure.”

#88 Nico Galanos started the 2019 season also playing Tight End before he moved entirely to the Offensive Line. Photo (c) Peter Kramberger

The lineman has many goals for himself during the season; including, being a starter, getting better everyday, and working on his technique. He genuinely values his teammates and the Dacia Vikings community as a whole. Nicolas shared his favorite part of the Vikings Football Academy which is being able to focus on both academics and athletics. “The Vikings Academy is a great way to connect football with school. It’s a very great and quite unique thing we have in Europe.” He also shared his favorite memory from the Academy which are the youth camps. He enjoys being around his team and learning something new each day.

In 2017 Nicolas Galanos was part of #TeamAustria that won the U19 European Championship. Photo (c) Privat

Off of the football field, Nicolas enjoys being with his friends and having fun. Nicolas also shared that he loves watching football just as much as he enjoys playing. The lineman told me that if he could meet any football player, he would choose Peyton Manning. He has always admired him and looked up to him as a player. Nicolas has always been a die hard Broncos fan and hopes to go to one of their games in the future. Nicolas spent time in the United States as an exchange student. He talked about his experiences and what he learned while being there. “I went to school in Tennessee and I enjoyed it. I learned that life in the United States was so different. I wanted to see how football was played and be immersed in a new culture. I enjoyed my time there, but I was happy to come back.”
The Vikings community is certainly happy to have Nicolas back, too. Go Vikings!

Until next time,

PS: If you like to watch Nicolas and the Vikings play, come to our next home game on June 1st at stadium Hohe Warte. Our AFL game against the Swarco Raiders is also the 21st Vikings Charity Bowl!

“Aanna Asks” featuring Florian Markus

Bereits im Dacia Vikings Nachwuchs war Flo Markus eine Leistungsträger und eine Führungspersönlichkeit. (c) Hannes Jirgal

Hello Vamily, I am back with another “Aanna Asks” featuring Dacia Vikings U18 center, Florian Markus.
Florian has been playing football for the past 5 years. He enjoys being a part of the Vienna Vikings Football Academy and likes to set several personal goals for himself. Some of which include being a leader, trying to keep the team motivated, never giving up, and making the U19 National Team.

16 years old Florian (C #54) is in his 5th season as a Viking. (c) H. Jirgal

Football has always been a big part of Florian’s life and he enjoys watching his favorite players. He shared that he looks up to Quenton Nelson because of the type of player he is. “I love watching him play because he is an extremely good athlete and he is also a good person.” When Florian prepares for a game, he is usually nervous up until the first snap. If you were to try on Florain’s headphones, you would probably hear a song by Eminem. The center is very grateful to be a part of the Academy and said his favorite part about it is the family atmosphere. “We are our own little family within a bigger family. Our coaches push us to be leaders and propel the team to win.”

Flo Markus and Vikings intern Aanna talked in the Vikings Office.

At school, Florian enjoys his history class the most because, “It is interesting to see how things used to be and learn more about the past.” When asked about the future, Florian told me that if he could have any job in the world, he would want to play in the NFL. The center is very focused when it comes to football and he loves the competition. Florian believes the Dacia Vikings Football Academy has helped shape him into the person he is today and who he will be in the future. “The Academy is always pushing me to the top. They provide you the opportunity to play in any country you want and push you to perform at a higher level.”

Thank you, Florian, for everything you do to support the Vikings. Bleed Purple!

Until next time,

FYI, the Dacia Vikings youth teams have two game days this spring to prepare for the upcoming season which starts in September:
Danube Dragons Youth teams vs. Dacia Vikings Youth teams on May 30
Dacia Vikings Youth teams vs. Swarco Raiders Youth teams on June 10

“Aanna Asks” featuring Fabian Eder

#AannaAsks feat. Fabian Eder. Foto (c) Armin Plank

Welcome back Vikings fans! This week’s “Aanna Asks” features the Dacia Vikings U15 quarterback and wide receiver, Fabian Eder.
Fabian has been playing football for the past 10 years and still enjoys every minute of it. The quarterback’s favorite thing about the Academy is having the “game day feeling” and getting ready for the upcoming season. “I love the feeling of getting ready for a game. There is nothing in the world that feels as good as taking the field when you are about to play. It is something that never goes away.”

Fabian and Aanna after the interview in the Dacia Vikings Office.

Fabian’s favorite thing to do is be on the football field with his teammates. When he is not on the field, Fabian enjoys being with friends or playing playstation. When asked about his favorite football team, he said, “The Dacia Vikings are obviously my favorite team, but if I could see any team play, I would want to go to a Seahawks game.” Fabian enjoys watching other teams play football and learning more about the sport.

The Vikings community is grateful to have so many athletes who show up each day ready to give their best. Fabian believes the most important part of the Vikings are the people. “Being a Viking is like having another family. Everyone is there for you when you need them. The hard work and love that goes into this team is something no other team has. It is really incredible.” The Vikings are proud to have Fabian as a part of their community and wish him the best of luck next season.

Fabian starts to play football in 2008; 2011 he joined the Dacia Vienna Vikings. 2019 is his second year in the Dacia Vikings Football Academy, attending class 6L in the Ballsportgymnasium Wien. Fabian played three times in the prestigious Next Generation Bowl and on the U15 Austrian Championship once.
Photo (c) Armin Plank

The youth football season in Austria usually starts in September while a couple of test games are already scheduled. The upcoming Young Vikings game days are May 30 (against the Danube Dragons youth teams) and June 10 at the Footballzentrum Ravelin (vs. the Swarco Raiders youth teams). Make sure you come and check out the #YoungVikings in their upcoming games! #BleedPurple

Until next time,


“Aanna Asks” featuring Max Müllner

Hello again Vamily, this weeks “Aanna Asks” features Dacia Vienna Vikings offensive line, #50 Max Müllner. Max has been playing for the Vikings the past 9 years and has been anxiously waiting for the 2019 season.

The first game of the season was tough, but the Vikings were able to come away with a win. After falling to the Raiders in week two, the team was able to dominate against the Thunder and had an impressive ECTC game vs. the Razorbacks.I was excited to get this season started. It has been up and down, but we have continued getting better each week.”

To prepare for a game, Max shared that he does not do anything specific in order to get ready. He relies on the practices during the week to help him get ready for the upcoming game. Max believes he and the team are good at improving at things that need to be worked on and then implementing them when the game comes. When taking the field, Max thinks it’s so rewarding to hear the crowd yelling and have the high energy. He loves playing games in Hohe Warte Stadium and being able to see all of the purple and yellow in the stands. “It is a pleasure to play in front of such a big crowd. I get nervous when the game starts, but after the first play, I start to feel more relaxed.”

Müllner has several favorite things about being a Viking, but the most important to him is growing as a person with the support from his teammates. The Vikings community holds a special place in Max’s heart and it will be hard for him to leave. However, the senior is excited to see what’s in store for him after graduation. “All of my life, I grew up wanting to play in the NFL, just like every other young kid. Now that I am a senior at the VFA, I think my options have changed. I would love to try and play football internationally and continue to play the game I love.” The Vikings are back in action on Easter Monday April 22 against the Projekt Spielberg Graz Giants. You can watch Max and the Vikings taking the Giants live on ORF Sport +.

Hope to see you there. Go Vikings!
Until next time,


“Aanna Asks”  featuring Vikings Allstar Alissa Pavlis

Alissa on top! (c)

I’m back for the next “Aanna Asks” which features Dacia Vienna Vikings Academy Cheerleader, Alissa Pavlis. Alissa has been a part of the Vikings Cheer squad for 14 years.

On March 30, the Dacia Vikings All Senior Cheer Team ‚Allstars‘ won the National Championship. Alissa said it feels great to be a National Champion again and she is ready to keep getting better throughout the season. Alissa loves being on the floor with her teammates. She was nominated for the Vikings Cheerleader of the Year last year and ended up winning. She said, “It was such an honor to be named Vikings Cheerleader of the Year. I have been cheering for long and I felt like all of my hard work finally paid off.”

Alissa won the prestigious MVC – Most Valuable Cheer – Award in 2018. (c) Hannes Jirgal

When Alissa is preparing for a competition she feels both excited and nervous. When the music starts, she gets hyped and feels ready to perform. “I love when the music first comes on. I know that our team is ready and that we are going to hit every move. I try to think of competitions as practice in order to keep myself calm.”
The cheerleader shared several things she enjoys about being part of the Vikings. Her favorite thing is the family it has given her. She has grown close to all of the other cheerleaders and know they will always be there for her. Alissa has grown up around the Vikings her entire life. Her father and brother both played football, and her mother was a football official. Having her family’s support means a lot to her, as does the rest of the Vikings’ community. The dedication and love that is put into this team says a lot about who they are.

Alissa during the Austrian Nationals 2019 when her cheer squad – the Vikings Allstars – won the Austrian Championship. (c)

After graduation, Alissa would like to be in the field of sports. She hopes to pursue a career in personal training and continue to cheer with the Vikings. The Vikings Cheer Team is an important part of this organization and helps make it what it is today. Keep bringing the energy. Go Vikings!

Until next time,


Alissa and the Dacia Vikings Allstars were Grand Champion of the Nationals on March 30. (c)

PS: Are you inspired by Alissa’s story and do you like to start cheerleading with the Dacia Vikings? – Come join us!
Visit for all info an the Vikings Rookie School for Cheer & Cheerdance!

“Aanna Asks” featuring Lucky Ogbevoen

LB #40 Lucky Ogbevoen. Bild (c)

Hello Vamily, my name is Aanna Roslien and I am working with the Vikings media and marketing department this season. I will be doing a segment called #AannaAsks where I will feature football and cheer athletes of the Dacia Vienna Vikings Football & Cheer Academy in order for fans to get to know them better. My first ever segment features Vikings athlete, Lucky Ogbevoen.

Intern Aanna Roslien and LB Lucky Ogbevoen had a chat about football, family and future plans at the Vikings office. (c) Dacia Vikings

Lucky has been a part of the Vikings for the past 7 years. The linebacker was eager to talk about the upcoming 2019 season and shared his reactions after playing in the first two games, “This season so far has been up and down. We had a strong win against the Prague Black Panthers and then a tough loss against the Swarco Raiders last week.” Despite the loss, Lucky is excited to keep improving as a team and knows what needs to be worked on in order for the team to get better. “As a team, we need to focus on bouncing back and work on any communication issues we have.”

2018 was Lucky’s debut season in the AFL. This season the Vikings linebacker is a defense starter. (c) Peter Kramberger

This is Ogbevoen’s second year as a starter for the Vikings. He has many personal goals and expectations for himself this season including winning the Austrian Bowl, and winning the prestigious Rookie of Year award. Lucky joined the Vikings Football Academy in 2012. He gave advice to future Academy athletes, “When someone wants to join the Vikings, I would tell them to be themselves, work hard, and always bring your best self.” Lucky has already had a tremendous season on the field so far. Football is in his blood because his brother, Precious, who played for the Vikings a few years ago and is now attending the New Mexico Military Institute as a student athlete. Ogbevoen shared that he gets compared to his brother a lot which is both an honor but also adds pressure. “My brother was a great player and I want to follow in his footsteps.” Not only did Lucky have a brother who’s been in the AFL, but he believes the Vikings community is what helped shaped him into the athlete and person he is today. Lucky shared his favorite part about the process which was evolving as a player and getting prepared for college. With an offer from Penn State, Lucky hopes to prove himself on the field this season. He shared that the Vikings are like a family to him. He feels as the president, Karl Wurm, and the coaches will always be there to support him and listen when needed.

Watch out for Mai 2019 – Lucky and his Defense teammates will star in the Dacia TV commercial. (c) Dacia Österreich

Lucky is always getting ready for the next game. On Sunday April 7, the Vikings will play the Amstetten Thunder. Lucky and the rest of the team are excited for this weekend’s competition. “The Thunder is going to bring a strong team. We want to set a statement for the league even though this is only week three. We are improving and getting better each week and I hope it shows in the game this weekend.” Lucky holds a special place in the Vikings community. He plans to attend college with hopes to study biology or chemistry after the 2019 Viking season. Good luck to Lucky and the rest of the Vikings this year!
Until next time,

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